ElectroNeek helps you automate Data Entry processes in five clicks

Free your employees’ time for more significant and strategic tasks.

Create your own Software Robots based on RPA technology to help your employees be more productive.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots allow you to automate the Data Entry process in your company regardless of the complexity and number of used systems. ElectroNeek bots imitate employee’s actions in desktop and web applications, letting your data entry process go without mistakes 24/7.

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Fast and error-free data entry from print media

Massive Data

Entering data from numerous sources and in different formats is a complex process


Large amount of digital data in tables requires spending a lot of time on its processing

People Mistakes

Mistakes caused by ‘human factor’ are inevitable especially in manual data entry


People sometimes have to spend extra hours performing tasks that involve data entry


The more routine tasks people get, the less productive they become

You are in good company

What Is Data Entry Automation?

Data Entry Automation defines a group of software products that are used to optimize data insertion processes. 

Fully automated data entry systems can read information from a set of different sources (printed reports, PDFs, emails, online forms, etc.) and insert the data into more adapted data storages (databases, spreadsheets, etc.). The goal of data entry software is to streamline a workflow which is generally performed by a human data entry assistant by fully or partially automating the process.

Data Entry Automation Is About Saving Time

The most significant outcome of automated data entry software is about saving time.

  • Measure the time spent on one single data entry task right now and envision the number of assignments that can be done instead. 
  • When you multiply these numbers with average monthly task volume, you get an instant idea of the time savings involved and your ROI.

Calculating your estimated time savings also provides you a concept of budget required to set up an automated system. If setting up is too expensive and time-consuming, you might be better off continuing data entry manually.

ElectroNeek is compatible with:

What you get with ElectroNeek:

  • Unlimited number of data recognitions per term of use
  • Use of AI in handwriting recognition
  • The ability to upload to popular Management solutions via API
  • The ability to upload to corporate systems and CRMs without API / legacy
  • Receiving documents by email automatically
  • Data can be processed in the night time even without the participation of people if scheduled
  • After the process is finished, the robot can be used for other tasks
  • The workflow can be modified for any type of document or system just in a couple of hours.

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