Platform Overview


ElectroNeek lets businesses analyze how employees interact with software, automatically find automation opportunities, and eliminate repetitive user tasks with bots.


ElectroNeek Platform

Automatically find and robotize repetitive business tasks


The next generation intelligent automation
platform, powered by real user data

ElectroNeek Platform is a one-window solution to discover automation potential in your company, analyze employees productivity, automate time-killer tasks, and control automation progress to make better data-informed business decisions.


Discover inefficiencies in business processes


Start with finding what software
takes the most of your
employees' time

Downloadable ElectroNeek Robot analyzes how users interact with different software to discover automation opportunities. Robot looks at data like how often users switched between windows or uses clipboard, mouse, and keyboard. It does it seamlessly without slowing the user's work. Aggregated data is presented in People Dashboard, where you will be able to identify employees and departments with the most significant share fo repetitive routine.


Find automation opportunities


People hate copy-pasting,
Robots love it

Automation Hub is a management suite where the automation in your company begins. It shows suggested automation opportunities and actual benefits from previously launched robots, from ROI assessment to calculation of time saved with ElectroNeek. Here you can also control bots activity and schedule new automation workflows.


Automate repetivie business processes


As easy as you would create an instruction for a new hire

Use ElectroNeek Studio to design automated workflows. Robots built here can perform any repetitive action that a software user can do, in any system, in any environment. Automate anything!


Understand user and bot productivity


Digital transofrmation at your fingertips

People Dashboard displays how much time employees spend in particular software and continuously calculates the automation potential for each employee’s workloads. Use ElectroNeek Orchestrator to launch and monitor automated workflows and integrations with internal and external systems and services.


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