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How it Works

DiscoverAutomatically find repetitive processes users routinely do on computers
AnalyzeEstimate automation potential and assess opportunities
AutomateDeploy bots that imitate human actions in any software
ControlMonitor how employees and bots work together
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Solutions for

Automatically find and realize opportunities to improve business margin and cash flow, within weeks!learn more
Automatically find and quickly robotize repetitive processes with flexible No-API workflowslearn more
Improve productivity and business efficiency, reduce overtimeslearn more
Accelerate cash cycle and automatically find cost saving opportunitieslearn more
Bring in more leads at lower a cost by automating everything except for creativitylearn more
Bring in more revenue by automating the prospecting, CRM, and communications routinelearn more
Analyze productivity and become the champion of digital transformationlearn more
Drive digital transformation on the most impactful cases, maximize ROI on RPA and AI technologieslearn more
Small Business
Learn cases of how small companies and teams significantly benefit from RPAlearn more
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Get cases across functions, industries and software products. Let's get in touch!learn more

Popular Use Cases

Analyze productivityInstantly find inefficiencies
  • Monitor how your employees interact with different software to understand the share of repetitive routine that can be automated
  • Understand productivity and commonly used software
  • Start with a company view and drill down to teams and individuals
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Discover processesSpeed up workflow
  • Find and robotize inefficient processes that drain your productivity and time
  • Learn more about your employees' routine
  • Start with one process and let ElectroNeek discover automation opportunities
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Automate desktopEliminate highly-repeatable activities
  • Allow robots to emulate human actions and accurately finish desktop tasks up to 100 times faster than humans can
  • Focus on high-value tasks without distractions
  • Use the full potential of corporate system capabilities
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Automate browsersClick through websites, complete forms, download and upload data
  • Easily automate a simple process with a browser without the need to learn to code
  • Implement Web Picker to collect the information you need from the Internet
  • Eliminate mistakes with managing and storing web data
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Automate docsSwiftly transfer data from scans to any corporate system
  • Transfer any information from scanned documents to any database (CRM, ERP) in minutes
  • Digitize scanned contracts, invoices and other documents with advanced OCR capabilities
  • Enhance data processing by taking humans out of the loop
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“Ideal Vendor for Process Automation”
Nick Shah, ex-EY Chief of Staff, Americas Innovation

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Y Combinator: W 20 Demo Day with ElectroNeek

Y Combinator’s Demo Day for the first time was held online … Read More

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